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We’ll work on your LinkedIn.

And bring sales to your inbox.

Are you in B2B Sales and struggling to:

-Find the right people.

-Get quality leads.

-Start a conversation.

-Scale your efforts.

-Be consistent.

We'll take care of that, so you only have sales conversations.

So, you work in B2B Sales. And you believe in what you are selling. Heck, you might even have a marketing strategist on your team.



  • Quality leads are hard to find.

  • It's tough to be consistent.

  • Door-knocking takes tons of time.

  • Cold-calling is brutal.

  • E-mails get no response.

  • You have a million other things to do.

Sounds familiar?

We know how it is. We'll tell you our full LinkedIn strategy.

CJ Lunitz - B2B Sales Person

📍 Vancouver, BC


"Aldo and his team are absolutely amazing! He’s caring and compassionate about his clients."

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Let's work together

We'll do the finding and the outreach. You do the closing.



  1. We help you optimize your LinkedIn profile.

  2. We find your ideal targets and contact them.

  3. We fill your inbox with hot leads - you close them.



Great question. Let's do the math:

1. We connect you to ~300 users in your target market, every month.

2. Conservatively, let' say that 10% respond to you with interest. That's 30 in one month.

Does the math make sense?

How do we get started?

Another great question! It couldn't be simpler:

We Talk_edited.png

We talk

To fully understand your goals, audience and process.

We Prep_edited_edited.png

We prep

Optimizing your profile and defining your messages.

We Work_edited.png

We work

Bringing you opportunities for you to close.


Stefano Terraciano - Realtor

📍 Rochester, Michigan


"Aldo and his team are amazing and have done wonders for our account. Would highly recommend them to manage your social media!"

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Great questions to ask us

Why hire you?

Good one!

Because we’re salespeople too.

Because we know it’s tough, but we know this works.

Because you need consistency.

Because people say they love the work we do for them.

Because we guarantee that you will get high quality leads.

What specifically will I get?

Another excellent question.

You see, your profile is unique. We don’t know your services or products, your closing rates or your margins. So it is hard to say specifically without first talking with you.

After defining your audience and optimizing your profile, this is what we will do for you, each and every month:

  • We’ll reach out to over 1,000 users in your target market, every month.

  • For successful connections, we’ll send out a message on your behalf. About 300 per month.

  • When people respond with interest, you take over the conversation.

  • When people don’t respond, we’ll follow them up on your behalf.

What does that mean to you? You know best, but this is what others tell us:

  • Consistency

  • Time savings

  • Tons of new business

In a super cost-effective way.

What are the cancelation terms?

You can cancel at any time.

If you decide to cancel, we will continue our service until the end of that 30-day period. Then we will thank you for your trust and business and wish you all the best.

 Ready to stop chasing and start selling? 

You're one click away.

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