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How To Refine Your Instagram Posting Strategy (& Have Those Likes Shoot Through The Roof)

“I’m getting too many Likes on Instagram,” - said no marketer ever. When it comes to Instagram engagement, more is definitely more. In the latest installment of our Instagram bumper guide, we teach you how to optimize and refine your posting strategy in order to increase your engagement rate. Let’s get started!

#1: Share your posts on other platforms

We’ve mentioned this in a previous article, but it’s so important that it’s worth repeating: visibility is everything. Bearing this in mind, link your Instagram account to your other social accounts so that you can share your Instagram posts on these other platforms as well.

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This way, you’re capitalizing on the traffic and views that you get from your other platforms, and directing these people to your Instagram account. Some of your fans or followers from Facebook or Twitter will end up following you and Liking your content, which gives your engagement levels a nice boost.

#2: Post consistently

When you stick to a regular posting schedule, you cultivate a sense of familiarity with your followers. Assuming you’re posting high-quality content, your followers will come to look forward to your posts, and they’ll engage with your posts more as well.

This begs the question: how often should you post on Instagram? Major brands post an average of 1.5 times per day, although there are brands who post up to 10 times per day (without experiencing a loss in per-post engagement).

If you have a dedicated social media team who can churn out those posts, then it’s fine to post a couple of times per day. But if you’re struggling to keep up, then just do what you can. At the very minimum, we recommend posting 3 times per week.

#3: Post at the right time

If you’re posting on your personal Instagram account for fun, then by all means, post as and when you like. But if you’re a business hoping to reach out to your consumers, then you’ll have to make sure you post at the right timing. There’s an art to this!

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Generally speaking, posting on Tuesdays to Fridays from 9am to 6pm will give you a decent amount of engagement. Thursday is the best day to post in order to maximize your engagement, and Saturdays and Sundays (when people are out having fun!) are the worst days to post.

#4: Geo-tag your photos

This one is fairly straightforward: tagging your photos to a location allow more people to stumble upon your post, resulting in higher engagement.

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More specifically, posts with geo-tagged locations have 79% more engagement than those without. Try and tag more general locations that people are more likely to see (eg “Hollywood” or “Downtown LA” instead of “XYZ Restaurant, Hollywood”). This gets more eyeballs on your posts, which leads to more engagement!

#5: Get a shoutout

If you’re struggling to grow your Instagram account, one great way of getting some traction is to get another influencer in the same niche as you to give you a shoutout. (Of course, you should also do the same for them.) Some of this influencers’ followers will click through to your account, and start engaging with your posts, and vice versa.