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The Good, The Bad And The Ugly - Dos And Don'ts For Your Instagram Strategy

Now that you know how to get more Instagram followers (without resorting to buying them), the next step of the process is to figure out your Instagram marketing strategy.

In this installment of our Instagram bumper guide, we walk you through the key Do’s and Don’ts of a successful Instagram strategy. Let’s jump right in!

The Good: Engage Your Followers

Social media isn’t about you shoving marketing messages down your followers’ throats - it’s about having a conversation with them. This means you’ll want to engage and interact with them. Good ways to do this include…

  • Using the Poll function in Instagram Stories

  • Asking questions in your picture caption

  • Sharing a personal anecdote in your picture caption, and asking your followers to share their own stories as well, and of course...

  • Replying to your followers’ comments and DMs

It’s not rocket science!

Image source.

The Bad: Overpromise, Underdeliver

Now, if you want to reach out to your followers via a giveaway, here’s a huge Don’t to keep in mind: don’t overpromise, and underdeliver.

One brand who’s notorious for doing just that is Sunny Co. Clothing. These guys ran a giveaway stating that everyone who reposted and tagged their promotional picture within 24 hours would receive a free Baywatch-themed swimsuit:

Image source

The post promptly went viral, and over 3,000 people reposted the image in just a few hours. Sunny Co quickly realized it just wasn’t feasible for them to give out thousands of free swimsuits, and they later issued a second post stating that they had the right to cap the promotion due to the “viral volume of participants”.

As you may imagine, those who participated in this giveaway were not happy campers. Plenty of these folks turned to social media to air their grievances and criticize the brand, and Sunny Co even shut down their Instagram account after its follower count climbed from 7,000 to 784,000 in 25 hours (they’ve revived their account since then).

The bottom line? If you’re running a giveaway, make sure you’ve stated all your terms and conditions upfront, and that you can deliver on your promises.

The Ugly: Criticize Your Followers

You’d be surprised at how many brands act unprofessionally, and start slamming their followers on social media. For instance, check out how makeup company Z Palette responded to their customers who complained that their products were too expensive:

Image source

This invoked the wrath of their customers, who started a #BoycottZPalette campaign that was trending for quite some time. Several websites which Z Palette’s products ended up dropping them due to all the negative press they had received.

Another offender? Dolce and Gabbana’s cofounder Stefano Gabbana, who outrightly called his fans “stupid” and “fat” on social media. This all started when the designer posted a picture of a pair of sneakers that would be debuted in his upcoming collection (shown below).

The statement “I’m thin & gorgeous!” that was embellished on the shoe didn’t sit well with consumers, and plenty of people spoke up to express their displeasure. Here’s what the designer had to say about these comments:

Image source

Again, both Stefano Gabbana and his brand received a ton of negative press due to his insensitive comments, and the incident left a sour taste in consumers’ mouths.

A Final Word On Crafting Your Instagram Strategy

To sum it all up, do engage and interact with your followers, be sure that you can deliver on your promises, and never, ever insult or attack anyone over social media. In the next installment of our Instagram bumper guide, we’ll be talking about how you can refine your posting strategy to garner more Likes and comments. Stay tuned!

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