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InstaTips - Fake Followers So Bad?

OK, now we know what fake followers are and how to spot them. But why are they so bad?

Some users believe that having a ‘k’, representing thousand, next to their number of followers grants them instant social validation and trust. “If they have many followers, they must be good.”

Based on this argument, they believe that their sales will increase, or their posts will be seen by more. But this is simply not true.

Fake followers don’t engage because... they are fake. And having 100k fake followers will lead to exactly zero sales for that same reason.

What about fake followers that also give likes (these can be bought as well)? Simple, their likes are fake too and the artificially-high engagement rate will lead to zero sales as well.

Even for influencers, who want to land deals with companies, the shortcut of fake followers that give likes doesn’t help. It is easy to tell who is getting fake likes: a disproportionately small number of comments compared to likes.

The solution to growth?

Only real followers who genuinely engage will do, and these are earned steadily over time. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t tricks for this, so stay tuned!

Next up, learn to use links in your stories to drive traffic. Until then!

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