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InstaTips - Engagement Expectations

My post got 1000 likes!

Is this good or bad? Like all good questions, it depends…

When you want to quantify your posts’ performance it is always good to compare across your own posts, but you should also compare with other accounts in the same niche. And most importantly, you need to compare with accounts in your niche and of a similar size.

It is well known in Instagram that as an account grows its engagement rate – the sum of likes and comments divided by number of followers – falls.

So how much to expect? Here are some general guidelines:

  • 1k followers or fewer, 8%

  • 5k followers or fewer, 5.7%

  • 10k followers or fewer, 4%

  • 100k followers or fewer, 2.4%

  • 1M followers or fewer, 1.7%

How do you compare?

Next up: how to spot a fake follower and accounts that use them. Check the quality of your competitors' account!

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