InstaTips - Learn to Spot Fake Followers

August 16, 2018


Last time we armed ourselves with knowledge regarding engagement rates.


We can use this knowledge to spot accounts that have fake followers and there’s a neat tool to confirm it.



But first, what does a fake follower look like? Great question! Look at this example:




Fake followers have similar features: no profile picture, very few posts, few followers and usually follow a number of accounts close to the Instagram limit, 7500.


How can we know which accounts use them?


The first thing to look for is an extremely low engagement rate. If an account with 20k followers only gets 200 likes per post, you can be fairly sure that they bought fake followers.


And how can you prove it?


For larger accounts you can see their historic growth on


For example, this user’s growth history has periods of losing followers followed by very sharp increases:



And compare it to our client’s, whose growth is steady with only real followers:




Now you can’t be fooled by “influencers” who shoot themselves in the foot with thousands of fake followers.


Next up, why are fake followers are so bad?


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