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InstaTips - Post Insights

OK, so you now have business insights and have a better general overview of your account’s audience and activity. Time to deep-dive into post insights!

You can view individual post insights right under your post picture and above the caption by tapping “View Insights”.

These insights provide you with very good details of how the post is doing and include:

  • Number of likes, comments and saves, i.e. users that have saved your post

  • Actions, such as profile visits and website clicks

  • Discovery, which tells you the number of users who saw your post and are NOT following you

  • Reach, number of unique users who saw the post

  • And Impressions, the number of times the post has been seen and where, e.g. Home Feed, Profile, Location, etc.

How can you benefit from these insights?

For example, you can use them to test different sets of hashtags (and see which get more discovery) or to test which signature leads more users to your profile and website. Optimization!

Our next post will give you a little trick to take more space. Until then!

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