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InstaTips - Audience Insights

No matter what your Instagram activity is, if you are serious about growing your IG account, you need the right insights!

To make them available for your account, simply go to your profile settings and look for “Switch to Business Profile”.

Business profiles require a Facebook page, which you can link at this stage. If you don’t have one, Instagram will create one automatically for you.

Once you have your account set up as a business profile, you can access them from your profile.

The insights are very useful and include:

  • Change in followers and change in reach. Are you growing? How fast?

  • Actions, e.g., profile visits, website visits and emails

  • Reach and Impressions, i.e. number of unique users reached and how many times your post has been seen

  • Follower demographics, i.e. age, gender, location and most active times

  • Ranking of posts by impressions, reach, engagement etc.

At the very least, these insights allow you to quickly identify your best performing posts and the cities and countries your audience is based in. If you sell a product or service locally, this is crucial information about who you are reaching!

Be sure to cover our entry on post insights. Until then!

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