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August 16, 2018

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If you are an active Instagram user this will be of great benefit to you. We have created a series of simple, up-to-date Instagram tips based on industry expertise.


All of our tips are actionable and 200 words or less, so they are quick to read. Without further ado:


Use of Hashtags




Until recently, the recommendation was to use all 30 hashtags that Instagram allows and to place them as the first comment to your post. Due to the recent Instagram algorithm changes, this is now considered “spammy”. What to do?


Keep it at 5 to 8 hashtags and make them very relevant to the post you are creating. If you have a closeup picture of a dog, #dog and #cutedog work well, but #sunshine is not necessarily the most relevant to that picture.


Also, write the hashtags within the caption of the post, and not as the first comment. No one knows for sure exactly how the Instagram algorithm works, but the current understanding is that hashtags within the first comment are not necessarily “attached” to the post.


Our next InstaTip covers post signatures. Be sure to read it!



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