InstaTips - Post Signatures

August 16, 2018



Want to drive more followers to your website? Use a signature!


Although you probably have contact details in your bio already (if you don’t, what are you waiting for?), most of your followers see your posts in their home feed and don’t see your bio. This is where a signature comes in, for example:


Your post description…


Call-to-action such as:

"Visit our website to get a quotation, link in bio @username", or

"Contact me for a collaboration, email in profile @username", or something similar


5 to 8 hashtags.


By including a signature in every post, you are reminding all your followers, including the ones that don’t visit your profile, that you are in business and available to cover their needs!


This simple strategy can help you drive more traffic and generate leads.


Check out our post on business insights. Until then!

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