Frequently Asked Questions

If you're here, you probably have many questions.

We have answers. 

What kind of results can I expect?

It really depends on the niche and content of the account, but clients on our Leaf and Tree plans grow on average 1,600 followers per month, but it is not rare that they grow over 2,000 and beyond.

Clients on our Seed plan grow 600 to 800 followers on average.

Are the followers targeted?


We help you grow your audience based on their interests and location. We can target at the city, country and international level for any niche that is well represented on Instagram.

Whether you're a restaurant looking for local followers or an online store shipping worldwide, we can bring you the right audience.

Will the service help me sell more?

That's the intention! We want to see you get return on your investment as soon as possible.


We help you with targeted followers. If the account has nice content and it is easy for users to get in touch, book an appointment, buy a product, etc., it is very likely you'll see more leads and sales coming from Instagram.

Many of our clients have shared success stories of new leads and sales that came from Instagram after working with us.

If you want to learn how to optimize your account for sales, book a free consultation!

What experience does Instarise Marketing Inc. have?

We've been in operation since 2017, helping clients achieve unprecedented growth, which helps them generate awareness and drive traffic to their businesses.

With our experience, we can provide guaranteed growth, and tips and best practices, which we provide free of charge. We want our clients to be with us in the long term, and this only makes sense if we are helping our clients get more business. 

What's the big deal about "organic"?

It is very simple: if you can reach your audience without the need for "boosting" or sponsoring, your audience will be more likely to engage with you (rather than just skipping over the sponsored content), so it is a better way to promote your business. 

Also, the fact that you are growing organically helps with two things:

  1. If you decide to stop the service, you will keep your followers. Unlike boosting, where if you cut your budget, you also cut your reach!

  2. Growing organically means that your followers have chosen to follow you. This is an explicit confirmation of their interest in your account. It also ensures that your followers are real. Fake followers, whether human or bots, don't follow back unless paid to do so.

How do you achieve growth?

We achieve growth by logging into your account and performing actions through through it on your behalf.

Mostly, we find users that represent your target market and give them a follow. In getting a follow from you, users will receive a notification and will see your profile. If they like your profile, they will choose to follow you back.

Do you have to log into my account?

Yes. Unfortunately, using your user ID and password is the only way in which we can grow your account and we understand this can make you feel uncomfortable. As our customer, you matter most to us. We will never do any actions outside of what is agreed in our service agreement and we will never act in a way that jeopardizes our relationship. Rest assured that we adhere to the strictest standards of integrity and we will never violate your trust in us.

What is the Free Consultation about?

During the free consultation you are free to ask us any questions about us, our company and services. We will also take a look at your account and provide tips and recommendations based on your goals, to help you optimize your account and make it work for you.

Learn more and book your free consultation.

Do you provide reports of your performance?

Yes. We send bi-weekly reports via email so you can easily track the progress of your account.

How do you process payments?

We use Stripe and PayPal to process recurring, monthly payments.

You'll receive an advance payment notification 5 days before we process the payment.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. This is a month-to-month service and all you need to do is log into your client area at and you can cancel your subscription. We will continue providing service to complete the month that you paid for and will stop after that.

How does the performance guarantee work?

It is very simple, if you don't grow the promised number in a month, you get one additional month for free. 

If after the additional month your account is still not growing at the rate it should, we will review your account together with you and find a solution to ensure you are satisfied.

Will you post content to my account?

We have an additional service for content generation. If you are interested in this, please get in touch.


For growth only, no. We will only use the like, follow and unfollow functions of your account. You are free to continue using your account as usual and posting the content you've created.

If you can’t find your answers above, please send us an email!